Meet Emilie + Lathan — our featured #CartersCouple. These two sweethearts were engaged on June 24, 2018 after proposing on the land they just purchased to build their forever home.

Below, Emilie + Lathan give us all the details on their relationship, wedding planning and even a few things that will forever set apart their big day!

How did you first meet? 

She said: Geometry class in high school, I was a freshman and he was a junior.

What’s the most memorable date you’ve had? 

She said: Every date with Lathan is memorable, but I’ll never forget us walking down the beach one night back in 2012 and him asking me to officially be his girlfriend. It still gives me butterflies!

He said: It wasn’t necessarily a “date”, but probably when I asked her to be my girlfriend

What quality do you most admire about the other person?

She said: We constantly think alike, I love how he can make me laugh without pause regardless of what kind of mood I’m in!

He said: I probably admire her sense of humor the most.

How was the ring selection process?

She said: I always wear rose gold, so that was a given. But he definitely surprised me! It truly took my breath away, it is me in ring form.

He said: It was a complete surprise

What was the best engagement reaction/present you received? 

She said: For me, it was when my dad called the next day congratulating me, and he busted out crying because of how happy he was for us.

When is the wedding and where will you celebrate your day? 

She said: We’re hoping to get a venue for March that’s about an hour away. They have a lake that I’m hoping to add a pretty floral arch to..

How would you describe the style of your wedding?

She said: Simple & floral

He said: Whatever she wants

What’s been the most fun detail of your wedding to plan? 

She said: Including all of our nieces and nephews

He said: Finding a place to honeymoon

What’s been the most difficult detail of your wedding to agree upon? 

He said: Our bridesmaids and groomsman

She said: I second what he said.

What do you look most forward to: the wedding day or the honeymoon? 

She said: The wedding day!

He said: Honeymoon, duh

What will be the most unique detail at your wedding ceremony/reception? 

She said: Having our guests highlight and sign beside their favorite bible verse!

He said: No idea

What moment of your wedding day are you most anticipating? 

She said: Seeing his reaction when I walk down the aisle!

He said: Watching her walk down the aisle

How will you feel when the wedding planning is all over? 

She said: Complete

He said: Relieved

What are your honeymoon plans? 

She said: We’re not sure, just somewhere private with plenty of adventures!

He said: Not sure yet, trying to talk her into going to Australia.