Falon and Ben became an official #CartersCouple on November 20, 2017 after Ben worked with Jordyn and Samiya to choose the perfect engagement ring. Falon and Ben met through mutual friends and have been inseparable since. Below, Falon shares a few details about their relationship and wedding planning with us.

What’s the most memorable date you’ve had?
Our first date – he took me to shoot guns, which was something very new to me.

What quality do you most admire about Ben?
I love that he is hard working and still always helps me get through the stress of radiography school.

How did the ring selection process go?
He chose the ring all by himself and totally surprised me!

What was the best engagement reaction you received?
Out of everyone I was probably the most surprised, I think everyone knew about it but me!

What do you look most forward to: the wedding day or the honeymoon?
The honeymoon; I can’t wait to travel somewhere exotic!

What moment of your wedding day are you most anticipating?
Our first kiss as husband and wife!

How will you feel when the wedding planning is all over?

We are so excited to add these two to our ever growing list of #CartersCouples!